Report Reveals When Utah Jazz Are Hoping To Get Donovan Mitchell Deal Done


Getty Image / Alex Goodlett

After nearly 2 months of negotiating a Donovan Mitchell trade, it seems the Utah Jazz are now in a rush to make something happen.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Jazz would prefer to get a deal done before the start of training camp and he believes they’ve set that deadline as a negotiating tactic in their trade talks with the Knicks.

Utah Jazz set trade deadline for Donovan Mitchell deal

It does sound, as I talk to folks in the league, like the Jazz are trying to apply the gas here, trying to juice the offers, especially juice the offer from the New York Knicks.

Unfortunately, the timing of this move isn’t great for the Jazz as another report today revealed that the Cavaliers have withdrawn from Donovan Mitchell trade talks.

The Donovan Mitchell trade saga has dragged on way longer than expected. When it was reported the Jazz were open to trades, the assumption was that Mitchell would wind up with the Knicks. Despite rumors since then of other teams showing interest, nobody else has really asserted themself as a contender for the star guard.

Mitchell has reportedly narrowed his list of teams he’s interested in down to the Knicks, Nets, and Heat, The Nets don’t really have an appealing trade package they can offer, which likely removes them as a possibility.

This decision from the Jazz is at least good news for basketball fans, who have been waiting to learn where Mitchell will play next season.

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