According To Reports, Johnny Manziel Slept Off His Hangovers In The Browns’ Equipment Room Last Year

Is there anyone in sports who cares less about their profession than Johnny Manziel, who went from first-round draft pick to a complete bust in two seasons with the Cleveland Browns? Easy answer, no.

While reports have always leaked out about the man once known as Johnny Football during his short tenure with the Brownies, another one has surfaced about how the embattled Manziel used to take care of his hangovers following a night of boozing.

According to reports via MMQB—who dove deep into the fall of Johnny Manziel—the quarterback used to sleep off his hangovers in the Browns’ equipment room after showing up to work hungover.

“’If Johnny doesn’t have a carrot dangling in front of him, he resorts to his default,’ says a friend. ‘And his default is not giving a s—.’”

But the Tennessee game would prove to be one of the few highlights of Manziel’s Cleveland tenure. When reinserted as the starter for an injured McCown later in the year, Manziel was ineffective save for the occasional improvisational play.

He wanted to party again, so he did, often showing up late to the facility for meetings and, according to a Browns source, sometimes sleeping off hangovers in the back of equipment rooms.

There have been rumors about Manziel doing this on occasion over the past few months, which is why Cleveland cut their losses by taking him 22nd overall in 2014 and just kicking the kid to the street, so is anyone really surprised by any of this? Probably not.


The MMQB story is detailed and entertaining, so I highly suggest reading it. For now, though, let’s just imagine what this poor Browns fan is doing now that he can’t wear his homemade “Johnny” shirt and act sloshed in the Dawg Pound any longer.

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