Former Phoenix Suns Player Rex Chapman Defends Owner Robert Sarver And Gets Torched By Twitter

Rex Chapman roasted Twitter reactions for defending Robert Sarver

Getty Image / DAN LEVINE/AFP

  • Former Phoenix Suns player Rex Chapman has been living a new life for several years as a ‘Twitter Celebrity’ where he has a reputation of sharing viral videos owned by others without credit to the content creator
  • Chapman was a member of the Suns organization from 1996-2000, his last stop in the NBA, and he knows Suns owner Robert Sarver personally
  • After ESPN released its report of Robert Sarver’s alleged racism and misogyny, Rex Chapman took to Twitter to defend Sarver and he got torched by his followers for it
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The biggest story in the NBA right now is the ESPN bombshell report about Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver. I’d go as far as saying it’s the only story in the NBA right now.

They interviewed over 70 former and current Suns employees about the “toxic and sometimes hostile workplace” which included the owner allegedly using the ‘n-word’ and this insane anecdote was in the report:

If you’ve spent much time on Twitter then there’s a solid chance you’ve seen a Rex Chapman viral tweet. Chapman is a former NBA player who famously struggled with addiction before turning his life around. And these days he’s labeled by some as a ‘social media influencer’ because he spends all day on Twitter grabbing other people’s videos and tweets them as his own, and recycles old viral tweets and passes them off as new.

It’s one of those Twitter accounts where when you first see it you’re like ‘oh, this is great’ and then time goes on and it loses all appeal. Well, he took to Twitter to defend Phoenix Suns owner and immediately got torched by his followers. He went with the ‘I know him and he’s not racist to me’ defense:

Chapman’s followers were quick to point out the ‘it never happened to me so it must never happen to anyone else’ logic going on here despite SEVENTY people being interviewed.

Rex Chapman Roasted On Twitter For Defending Robert Sarver

He REALLY tried to ‘tweet through it’ after Rex Chapman’s Twitter followers turned on him for needlessly defending his personal experience with Robert Sarver instead of recognizing credible allegations from 70+ people who were interviewed.

Chapman tweeted at least 57 times yesterday after he sent those Robert Sarver tweets. That’s the literal textbook definition of ‘tweeting through it’ which refers to when someone says something on Twitter that’s poorly received so they try and tweet nonstop in hopes that with enough new tweets people will forget about the horrible take from a few hours earlier.