RG3 Demonstrates The Exact Opposite Of How A Quaterback Should Slide To Safely End A Scramble

Around this time last NFL season, I got in some trouble with my boss for too frequently saying that I thought the Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III would one day die on an NFL field.

In one post, I made some statements about how he was a Christ-like figure whose death was predetermined. In another, I said I actively hoped he would die so I wouldn’t have to watch him for the next ten years.

“Dude,” my boss said. “You can’t keep saying you want RG3 to die.”

“But that’s how I feel,” I responded.

But I’m a good employee, so I stopped.

And I’m not saying he will here. Just that after watching this play–and remember, this is an injury-prone dude on a 3-6 team–I don’t believe he will last two more years in the NFL.

He maybe won’t die, but he won’t have a body.

This is not how you safely slide to end a quarterback scramble. He’s lucky he still has a head.

Also, here he is almost separating his shoulder trying to stop a touchdown after throwing a pick.

Best of luck, Robert.