RG3 Is Filing For Divorce From His Wife Of Three Years



Now, normally, having been through some difficult relationships myself, I wouldn’t be one to laugh at a man at the lowest point in his romantic life, but this is Robert Griffin The Third, soooo…. In-fucking-dulge me this one time.


I’m ready.


According to reports, Robert Griffin The Third filed for divorce from his wife of three years, Rebecca Liddicoat.

Man, man. Man.

I’ll tell you. This is a damn SHOCK.

Who’d have thought a man who his entire professional life revealed a personality that had exactly zero capability for even the most cursory introspection would be unable to handle a romantic relationship?

How could one predict that someone so outwardly focused on his public perception would struggle with private intimacy?

Why assume someone who was publicly accused of texting dick pics on his wedding night is unfit to handle the rigors of monogamy?

And for Christ-fucking-sakes, why would anyone believe that someone who took three years to learn the basics of a seven-step drop, looking off defenders, and going to his third read could be an NFL quarterback?

Anyway, the last time RG3 pronounced that he was getting rid of distractions and focusing on football, he launched a national advertising campaign to proclaiming himself ready to dominate an NFL season from the start, just seven months after tearing every ligament in his knee.

That went well.

Here’s expecting he signs a six-figure deal to hawk Bumble within a week-and-a-half.

I think they have a kid or something as well.

Full Disclosure: I was once a Robert Griffin The Third fan.

[Via @MaryKayCabot]

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