Softie RGIII Tattooed His Brand New Girlfriend’s Name On His Forearm, Adding Yet Another Flaw To His Throwing Arm

Robert Griffin III filed for divorce from his college sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat and launched into a full blown relationship with FSU track and field athlete Grete Šadeiko in the time it took you to read this sentence. This is purely speculation, but a rational person may conclude that the seamless transition is indickative of infideltitty.

Griffin has been seen galavanting out and about with the 23-year-old Estonian track star, seemingly with no regard for Liddicoat and their one-year-old child.

The tat reads: GRETE SADEIKO, in perfect. cursive.

Jesus, RGIII. Act like you’ve been in a relationship before. What’s next, is the back of your jersery going to read Griffin-Sadeiko for the upcoming season? Sure, she’s hot as hell, but showing all your cards before you know her dad’s name is a JV move. I’m not in the NFL, but if I was, I wouldn’t want to be in a huddle with a dude who needs to check in with his girlfriend at halftime. So fucking soft. Robert Softie III.

Looks like your blonde bombshell just found out you went out and got her name tattooed on your arm.


She’s laughing at you, Robert. And so are we.

Even me.

[h/t TMZ Sports]