Ric Flair Is Reportedly In A Medically Induced Coma And May Have Taken A Turn For The Worse

On Saturday, wrestling legend Ric Flair was checked into the ICU for what initially described as “routine monitoring” by his agent Melinda Zanoni.

Two days later and things appeared to get worse for Flair after Zanoni posted this Tweet.

Now, Fightful.com is reporting that sources close to the situation have told them that the Nature Boy has been placed in a “medically induced coma.”

In a message board post, prominent wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer believes Flair may have taken “a turn for the worst” when he was asked if Charlotte Flair knew what was going on with her father.

“Charlotte was well aware of everything while in China, that much I know. She was one of the few.

“Must have been a turn for the worst. I was pretty concerned when I heard nothing all day, was just too long since I heard from anyone.”

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Update: TMZ is reporting that Flair is in a medically induced coma and is prepping for surgery


The 68-year-old wrestling icon was admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning and the situation has gotten more serious.
We’re told Flair is set to undergo a procedure momentarily, though we’re not being told what the procedure is … though Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that it’s a heart related issue.

Via Uproxx Sports

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