Rick Pitino Reveals The One Conference He’ll Never Coach In

Iona head coach Rick Pitino

Getty Image / Darryl Oumi

Not too long ago, Rick Pitino found himself coaching overseas to work his way back to a college job.

He achieved his goal and ended up becoming the head coach at Iona.

In the 3.5 years he has spent at Iona, he has already gotten himself back on the radar for some programs in bigger conferences.

Despite that interest, it seems there is one major conference that Pitino won’t be coaching in.

Pitino told CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander that he will never coach in the Big Ten.

Many of those states are covered by Big Ten country, a conference Pitino said he’d never work in after his son, Richard, was fired by one of the league’s schools [Minnesota]. With no eagerness to leave New Rochelle, Pitino will be picky if schools come calling.

The Big Ten is one of the 3 Power 6 conferences that Pitino has yet to conquer. Pitino has already claimed conference titles in the Big East, ACC, and SEC.

Pitino also revealed that it will take a perfect situation for him to leave Iona at all.

We’ve accomplished what we set out to do. If I wanted to leave, it would be a job that I thought could get to a Final Four. It would be a great place where I want to live, but I don’t see it happening. I don’t see it happening. I’m really tied into these kids. And they came because of me.

We could still see Pitino head to a Power 5 conference after this year, especially if he takes Iona to the NCAA Tournament this season, just don’t expect to see that conference be the Big Ten.