All The Details About Rickie Fowler And Allison Stokke’s Wedding Have Been Revealed And It Sounds Like It Was A Great Time

rickie fowler allison stokke wedding

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke got married over four months ago and as far as details go, they’ve been kept under wraps. *Super dramatic voice* – until now.

Vogue, you’ve probably heard of it, published a lengthy story about the wedding with all of the behind-the-scenes details you could ever imagine. From the clothes worn, jewelry, how many guests were there and when the cake was eaten, they got the scoop.

I’m going to deliver some of the details you may actually want to know about the big day.

  • Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas was supposed to be the location for the wedding but after Hurricane Dorian, they decided to move it to Chileno Bay in Cabo San Lucas. Having your wedding on the beach in Mexico doesn’t sound too bad.
  • Fowler wore a custom Ralph Lauren suit. His good buddy Justin Thomas hooked him up with that one.
  • It wasn’t a big wedding as the guest list was made up of just 48 people. As a guy that had a wedding with around 130 guests, a 48-person wedding sounds delightful.
  • They didn’t do the whole ‘first reveal’ thing prior to the ceremony, which if we’re being honest with one another here, that’s the way to do it.
  • Drinks were had and Kelley James, noted golf emcee, was the entertainer for the night.
  • It sounds like it was a blast and super laid back because the cake wasn’t cut until the following morning at 2 AM. Drinks and dancing took the higher priority of the evening instead of that sugary substance.

If you want even more details, particularly on the fashion side of things, be sure to head over to Vogue for the full story.