Ricky Williams Believes NFL Players Should Be Treated With Cannabis

Ricky Williams

Rick Kern/Getty Images

Former NFL Pro Bowl running back, Ricky Williams, has voiced his opinion on the league’s approach to cannabis use.

Ricky suggests that the NFL should consider allowing players to be treated with marijuana after games.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Williams expressed his belief that the NFL has taken positive steps in relaxing its stance on cannabis, but he hopes the league will take further measures to address players’ post-game needs.

Williams stated, “I think the next step, though, is at the end of a game, if we’re on the plane ride home, the trainer is walking down the aisle and has two capsule cases—one of Ambien, and the other one of Vicodin.” He highlighted the physical toll football takes on players, emphasizing the need for effective post-game treatments.

“And the truth is, for football players, we do need something because it hurts, and you’re all revved up, and it’s hard to calm down and go to sleep. And I’d love to see cannabis as being one of those things that the trainer is walking down the aisle and offering to those players.”

Ricky Williams, a former NFL standout known for his unique career path and cannabis advocacy, believes that allowing players access to marijuana as a post-game treatment option could benefit their recovery and well-being.

His comments reflect the ongoing debate surrounding the use of cannabis in professional sports and its potential role in managing pain and promoting recovery among athletes.