Ricky Williams Has Started His Own ‘Health-Conscious’ Weed Company

ricky williams

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Ricky Williams spent over a decade in (and out) of the NFL, but his performance on the field will forever be overshadowed by his reputation as “the weed guy.” The running back and holistic herb aficionado was suspended for an entire season after violating the NFL’s drug policy on multiple occasions, and he’s pivoted from football to entrepreneurship and taking advantage of his extensive experience with marijuana.

In addition to opening a weed-friendly gym in California, the former Heisman Trophy winner also celebrated this year’s Super Bowl by inviting a bunch of people to come hang out and smoke with him. Now, Williams is expanding his horizons with a new line of products aimed at health-conscious people with a similar taste for his illegal substance of choice.

According to PR Newswire, Williams founded a company called Real Wellness with a focus on producing marijuana products with health and, well, wellness in mind. It’s debuting with a line of six items harnessing the powers of THC and CBD, and will be are debuting at a variety of dispensaries around San Diego before.

The company is selling cartridges that each contain a unique mixture Williams claims will affect the body in different ways. The majority focus on relaxation, but two of them are formulated to make you more alert and energetic (which, based on Williams’ playing time in the NFL, actual sounds plausible).

It’s worth noting Williams spent a year at a holistic college studying an ancient approach to medicine after his “retirement” in 2004, so if anyone knows what he’s talking about, it’s him.

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