Ricky Williams Began Smoking Weed After His College Ex Started Hooking Up With The Backup QB

ADAM NADEL/AFP via Getty Images

Remember when Tim Riggins swooped in on Lyla Garrity before nurses could change Jason Street’s catheter? That through a wrench in my entire 2007 mindset. The gall.

Welp, as it turns out, that was just the second most egregious betrayal in the state of Texas.

Former U-Texas legend and Marijuana Consumer Ricky Williams unloaded some skeletons on Shannon Sharpe dating back to 1998 when his college girlfriend of two years started slapping skins with some faceless backup QB before the breakup tears dried from Ricky’s cheek.

Williams claimed this event was the sole impetus for smoking weed, a hobby that would soon become a lifestyle.

Days after Ricky and his girlfriend broke up, he stopped by her place to drop off her belongings (and probably try to score a farewell bone), but then came across the car of his teammate in her driveway. If that sounded dirty, that’s because it is.

“That’s how it started. I was like obsessing about this and my friend was like, ‘Dude, you gotta chill,’” Williams recalled. “He brought it out and was like, ‘You gotta hit this.’ And I did and it was the first time where I wasn’t obsessed and I wasn’t thinking about it. I could sleep and relax. From that moment I was like, ‘OK, this could be helpful for me.’”

One of the best college football players ever returned to Texas for his senior year only to get cucked. God has a sense of humor.

Ricky harbors no ill-will for his teammate who ultimately married his ex, and you could argue that Ricky found his true love as well: the devil’s lettuce.

All’s well that ends well. Now pack the gravity bong and throw on Ratatouille.