Rihanna Brutally Shoots Down Matt Barnes On Instagram After He Said They Had A Future Together



For the past few weeks there have been rumors swirling on the Internet that Rihanna has been dating NBA player Matt Barnes after they had been seen hanging out together. The whole thing was weird because Matt Barnes is old and she’s Rihanna and can date anyone she wants.

Today, Barnes was interviewed by TMZ and he told them he thought he and Rihanna had a “future together” and that their relationship has passed the “crush stage”.

Rihanna caught wind of Barnes comments and quickly shot him down on Instagram with this collection of hashtags

. #shesnotthatintoyou #shesnotintoyouatall #shesneverevenmetyou #thisactuallyhurtmyfeelings #defamationofcharacter

Matt Barnes really thought he was gonna hit this?

c’mon Matt.