Look At The Disaster Rio Has Already Become Since Hosting The Summer Olympics Just A Few Months Ago


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In what will come as very little shock to most, post-Summer Olympic Games life in Rio de Janeiro has not turned out very well.

Many of those grand venues are now crumbling as they go uncared for and people’s lives seem to have in no way benefited from the Games being hosted there.

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The famed Maracanã stadium, which was given a $600 million retrofit to host the finals of the 2014 World Cup and the soccer gold medal matches at the Olympics, has fallen into a state of extreme disrepair. There is patchy grass, thousands of missing seats, and festering mold, among other problems, with the Rio 2016 organizing committee saying there are still some repairs it must do. But at least club football is still ongoing in the stadium—and it hosted a Chapecoense benefit match last month—so there is a chance things will be fixed. That’s better than can be said about most other Olympic venues.

Also, Barra Olympic Park was supposed to be auctioned off, but received only one bidder, who failed to meet stipulations and so the venues were turned over to the federal government who have done nothing of note with them yet.

Deodoro Olympic Park was closed at the start of 2017 when the company managing it shut down.

The completely unnecessary $19 million Olympic golf course is not being taken care of properly and is wasting away.

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The $65 million Complexo do Alemão cable car, which was supposed to benefit residents long after the Games concluded, was shut down after the state stopped paying the company that was supposed to operate it.

And the media center (pictured above and below) sat in a pile of rubble for months, and provided potential mosquito breeding grounds and is located downtown beside city hall, a convention center, and a day care center.


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Meanwhile, a reported 14,000-plus people currently live on the streets of Rio and violent protests have occurred as residents clash with police and the government.

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Now we certainly knew that the Summer Olympics in Rio were pretty much a disaster while they were happening, but the real damage seems to have taken place once the Games actually ended.


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