Gronk Took To Twitter To Offer Up A+ Advice On How To Pick Up A Hot French Girl

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s had his fair share of luck with the ladies, which is exactly why partying with him would be some epic shit—dude’s already a Hall of Famer when it comes to that.

Rumored to still be dating a total smokeshow of his own, Camille Kostek, Gronkowski took to Twitter as part of Bleacher Report’s UNINTERRUPTED series to answer fans’ questions—and one dude needed to know what type of magic Gronk could offer to pick up a hot French girl.

Hope the dude already has Rosetta Stone on its way, because speaking French to the chick would probably impress her—and get him in the sack.

It’s not the first time Rob’s given out dating advice—as he talked about how to get all the Tinder ladies a few months ago. If I didn’t already have a girlfriend, there’s no other bro out there I’d trust to pick up ladies than Gronk.


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