Gronk Says He Was Swiping On Tinder Years Ago, Offers Classic Advice On How To Rake In The Matches

It’s no secret that pro athletes love to use social media platforms to both increase their brands and engage with a community of fans. But, let’s not kid ourselves, as much as these dudes don’t want to admit that they’re on things like Tinder, Bumble and the rest of the so-called dating apps, if you were 20-something, single, famous and had lots of money, wouldn’t you be busy swiping more than your poor ass is now? Obviously.

In a story by ESPN about pro athletes and online dating, the author gives different examples of players who, well, play the field, using the apps just like you do. And, not surprisingly, New England Patriots tight end and ultimate bro Rob Gronkowski has admitted that he’s swiped on the ‘der before, adding some advice on how to get loads of matches.


Patriots star Rob Gronkowski tried Tinder four years ago just for laughs, he says, “and I was matching like crazy!” I tell the “chickmagnet4life” — seriously, that was his AIM screen name — I’m not faring as well. It hits him like a bolt of lightning. “You’re not killing it?” Gronk says. “You’re not doing it right.” The tight end offers two fixes: First, make like Mozgov, “Swipe right on everything. Get the ball rolling.” Second, make like Dangerfield, “Make them laugh. Just Google ‘Tinder pickup lines.’”

This is classic Gronk right here. Not only is the dude perplexed that someone isn’t “doing it right,” but he then offers the funniest advice by telling that person to just Google the best pickup lines.



In addition to Gronk, a few other athletes are featured, too, namely Cleveland Cavs big man Timofey Mozgov, who, other than Gronkowski, may have had the best reaction to the dating app.


“Teender? Show me,” says big man Timofey Mozgov, snatching my phone. “All right, what is it? A game?”

Sort of. Swipe left if you don’t dig her; swipe right if you do.

“I see, just random girls …” Mozgov says, swiping rapidly, 10, 15 times, all to the right.

Um, dude, stop swiping?

“Trust me,” he says, just as he strikes a match. “She likes you! OK, we send a message: ‘Hi, can we meet?'”

The cavalier cupid is beside himself with laughter. “If you know girls like you, you don’t need to do the dirty works! So easy. I wish they had it before I got married.”

So there you have it, bros. No matter if you’re a behemoth, ripped, Super Bowl-winning tight end or a lanky, Russian-speaking, role player for a title-contending NBA team, the chances of laying the wood on Tinder is as easy as breathing.

You can peep the entire ESPN article here. Trust me, it’s an interesting read.

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