Poker Star Robbi Jade Lew Makes Embarrassing Blunder Against Phil Hellmuth But Still Wins Some Cash

Poker pro Phil Hellmuth, arguably the greatest poker tournament player of all time, has been noticeably absent from high-profile poker tables so far in 2023.

Hellmuth appears to be making up for the lost time. He recently filmed multiple nights in Los Angeles on the Bike Poker Livestream, one of the Poker world’s most popular live-streamed high-staked poker games.

Phil Hellmuth is also set to play in the upcoming US Poker Open between his completely bonkers travel schedule.

During Phil Hellmuth’s recent appearance on the ‘LIVE AT THE BIKE’ high-stakes poker live stream he got tangled in a hand with Robbi Jade Lew. Robbi’s name has been everywhere in Poker over the past year after Garrett Adelstein accused her of cheating.

That accusation kicked off a massive investigation that ultimately cleared Robbi Jade Lew of any wrongdoing. She’s now back at The Bike and playing against the best.

In this hand, she makes an embarrassing blunder against Phil Hellmuth that potentially cost her money but she still won the hand. Watch and see:

The video is self-explanatory but if you’re confused at all about what happened I’ll spell it out for you. Robbi Jade Lew made two pair on the river and had Phil Hellmuth’s pocket 8’s beaten.

She bet $2,000 and then when Phil Hellmuth threw out a ‘time chip’, a chip that sets a clock so he can think more about a hand, she thought he had called the $2,000 bet.

Robbi then flipped over her cards and exposed the two pairs that she hit on the river. Hellmuth knew he was beaten but he also absolutely DESPISES when someone sucks out on the river so this hand definitely got underneath his skin. But he folded knowing he was beaten.

Here is more from Phil’s recent appearances at The Bike:

Prior to The Bike sharing that video, Phil Hellmuth shared this throwback from the 2022 US Poker Open.

Hellmuth is facing Alex Foxen, one of the best players on planet earth, and gets incredibly lucky.

If you need any evidence of just how good Alex Foxen is then watch this bluff he pulled off in the 2023 PokerGO Cup Event #6 which he won for $317,040:

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