This 7-Foot-6 Romanian Teen Gives Shawn Bradley A Run For Most Awkward Basketball Big Man Ever

Robert Bobroczky


But I’m not saying he can’t ball.

At a colossal 7’6″, 15-year-old Romanian basketball player Robert Bobroczky is probably the most awkward dude you’ll ever see on the court. Looks like the kid can shoot and dish alright, but mobility is definitely a bit of a factor for the lanky giant who plays his basketball for Stella Azzurra Roma. Modern day Shawn Bradley!

Complex reported Bobroczky stood 7’4″ at age 13 and had another growth spurt at 15. Freakish. And clearly attracting the attention of NBA scouts, regardless of his basketball acumen. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, the skills can be taught, but not the size.

Who knows, maybe if this kid manages to put some weight on he’ll end up in the NBA someday. That would totally pave the way for Robert Bobroczky landing the role reprising a Shawn Bradley-esque Monstar in Space Jam 2 if it ever happens.

[H/T Complex]

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