Robert Saleh Says The Jets Are Looking At Making ‘Personnel Changes’

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Following the team’s 16-12 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders — their second straight loss, dropping their record to 4-5 — New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh has said that the team is looking at making “personnel changes.”

Speaking to reporters on Monday, while Saleh said they’re looking at making some changes, those changes will not come at the quarterback position or at offensive coordinator, which is where most Jets fans believe the team needs to improve.

Not only that, but he did not further elaborate on what those personnel changes might be.

“Nothing with the quarterback, nothing with the play-caller. We’re looking at some personnel changes that I’m going to keep here with me,” Saleh said.

It’s certainly strange that Saleh is so committed to Wilson and Hackett, especially since the offense has somehow regressed in both points and yards when compared to last season. At the time of this writing, Gang Green has got 11 consecutive quarters without scoring a touchdown.

While there are extenuating circumstances, such as the Week 1 injury to Aaron Rodgers and tons of changes along the offensive line, the fact is that the Jets have now wasted multiple seasons due to Zach Wilson and cannot afford to lose another to nothingness, especially considering they boast a championship-caliber defense.

Over the weekend, Rodgers told NBC that he plans to return in mid-December. However, the Jets’ recent run of form — losses to the Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers, and a desperate escape-act win against the equally pitiful Giants — is beginning to make it seem as though there won’t be a team worth returning to in a month’s time.

With eight games left this season, the Jets still have matchups against the Miami Dolphins (twice), Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders, Houston Texans, and the New England Patriots.

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