The Rock Showed Up On ‘Raw’ To Start An Unexpected Chant

The Rock Raw


Last night’s episode of Raw, was, something huh? I mean it was something. There were highlights, lowlights and moments I’m not sure I ever thought I see on a WWE television program.

The highlight of the evening (besides Dean Ambrose using a pair of hot dog tongs to clamp onto Seth Rollins ball bag) was the return of The Rock. The People’s Champ made a special appearance to start a slow building feud with Rusev that will most likely end at Wrestlemania 31.

In his brief segment (brief compared to the time spent on Hoda and Kathie Lee), The Rock cracked jokes about the Russian monster and his manager Lana and mentioned hairy beanbags. This all came after he pumped up the hometown Brooklyn crowd with an impromptu Derek Jeter chant for the retired (weeks ago) Yankees captain.

Here’s the entire segment with The Rock and Rusev.

H/T Jimmy Traina

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