Rockets Reveal Why They Felt Comfortable Hiring Ime Udoka As New HC

Rockets new HC Ime Udoka

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

The Houston Rockets shook things up on Monday after announcing their hire of Ime Udoka as their new head coach.

For the most part, many believe it’s a great hire, as Udoka found success with the Boston Celtics until his controversial incidental led to his suspension.

With that in mind, many teams attempted to at least talk with Udoka. However, the Rockets are the team that pulled the trigger and hired him.

Now, their reasoning for hiring comes to light.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Rockets didn’t find anything “disqualifying to work again” in regards to Ime Udoka.

If that’s the case, then Houston should be in good shape moving forward. They have a plethora of young talent and draft picks that make them an exciting team for the future.

With Ime Udoka leading the way, perhaps the Rockets can get back into contention sooner, rather than later.

However, a ton of NBA fans are still confused about what happened in Boston. It was bad enough to be suspended for a full season. But on the other hand, the Rockets don’t think it disqualified him from coaching.

Nobody is quite sure what happened in Boston. Who knows if that story will ever come out?

When it comes to basketball, the Rockets made an excellent hire. Hopefully, this franchise can turn things around and compete in a loaded Western Conference next season.