Rockets Fans Freak Out After DeMarcus Cousins Posts Cryptic Tweets Amid Team Drama On Christmas Eve

Rockets big DeMarcus Cousins is upset but no one is sure why.

Earlier in the week Cousins was one of many Rockets players who were forced to sit out due to being in contact with a player who tested positive for Coronavirus.

Harden, who has been a nuisance for the team, was also forced to sit out after defying Covid-19 protocols by going to a nightclub earlier in the week.

On Christmas eve, Cousins posted several angry cryptic tweets in the middle of all the Rockets drama.

Update: It seems like Cousins was referring to a new positive test within the team that may force Cousins to sit out for seven days.

Rockets fans weren’t sure what to make of Cousins’ tweets.

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