Roger Goodell, Allegedly, Is Backing Out Of Attending The NFL’s Season Opener In New England

Whether you support NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or think he’s a slimy piece of shit—the majority of people—the, alleged, news that he won’t be attending the NFL’s season opener next week between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers is a pussy ass move.

As commissioner, one of the very commissioner things to do is to honor, respect and applaud the previous champion of the league, having a little bit of a soft spot for that team for one night, at least.

Not Goodell, though. Well, not this year, anyway.

Since handing the Pats the Lombardi Trophy in February, the Commish and the team haven’t exactly jived lately, with Goodell first suspending quarterback Tom Brady and punishing New England for Deflategate, then got shit on by the owner of the team, Robert Kraft, and, finally, getting his decision on Brady get overruled in court this morning.

With all that shit going on, would you want to be a guest in their stadium? Probably not. Then again, we’re not the, supposed, most powerful man in sports right now.

// to a tweet  by Fox Sports 1’s Mike Garafolo, Goodell isn’t attending because he thinks the focus should be on the game and the festivities—yeah, right, like any of us are buying that bullshit. Goodell would have been smarter just saying that he hates the Pats, is a whiny little bitch over the outcome in court today and that he wishes nothing but the worst on the Patriots’ dynasty.


Then again, maybe Goodell does have a good reason in not attending—seeing as how a Boston TV host joked about hiring “someone to murder him.”

Fuck, Goodell is so hated, he can’t even enjoy an NFL game in peace anymore, and that’s sort of a weird thing for a guy who’s calling the shots for the league.

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