Breaking: Roger Maris Jr.’s Groundhog Day Scene Is Finally Over As Aaron Judge Ties HR Record

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Aaron Judge is closing in on the Yankees’ single-season home run record. He currently sits at 60, one shy of record holder Roger Maris. Maris bashed 61 dingers for the Bronx Bombers in the 1961 season.

Judge is looking to both tie and break that mark, but he’ll have to do so over the final eight games of the year. He’s been stuck on 60 for seven games, with his last long ball coming back in September 20th.

With the historic 61st home run bound to come any day, Roger Maris, Jr. has been attending Yankee games in order to congratulate the slugger on reaching his father’s record. Unfortunately, that wait is taking a bit longer than expected.

Roger Maris becomes a meme as he waits for Aaron Judge to break HR record

Maris has now gone to seven straight games, and in seven straight games, he’s gone home with the home run record still intact. He’s in the Rogers Centre Wednesday in hopes of seeing Judge tie the record against the Blue Jays.

Now, it’s not all Judge’s fault. He’s been walked 13 times over the last 32 plate appearances as no one wants to be the guy that gives up the record-tying dinger. But as this home run drought extends past a week, many are now questioning how much vacation time Maris has from work. He continues to show up at the ballpark night after night.

Take a look at the reaction on Twitter.

One fan hilariously asked, “How much clothing did Roger Maris Jr. pack for this now seemingly interminable trip of his?” This venture started in the Bronx, but the Yankees have now begun a road trip in Toronto.

A couple of media members inquired about Maris’ vacation arrangements, asking, “What’s Roger Maris Jr’s PTO situation?” His employer is probably hoping this trip doesn’t turn into a two-week absence.

Judge is 0-2 in Wednesday night’s matchup with the Blue Jays, but if the record isn’t tied tonight, we’ll be sure to see Maris in the stands on Thursday.

Update: Aaron Judge Finally Hits 61st HR

In Judge’s fourth at-bat, the slugger launched a two-run shot to left field, tying Roger Maris’ record. The homer can officially end Maris Jr’s lengthy trip. That is, unless he plans on staying on to see No. 62, too.

The wait is finally over.

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