Ronda Rousey Transported To Hospital After Fight, Stays Overnight, Receives Plastic Surgery

In the battle of the undefeated fighters at UFC 193 on Saturday night, it was Holly Holm who gets to keep her unblemished record, while the loser, Ronda Rousey, gets a busted lip and a trip to the hospital. Rousey took much punishment in only two rounds, including a knockout kick to the neck followed by several blows to the head. All that brutal abuse took a toll on the former bantamweight champion and she was taken from Etihad Stadium to a Melbourne hospital to patch up her split lip and to keep her overnight as a precaution.


There was initial alarm that Rousey may have suffered a concussion, but tests thankfully came out negative. Rousey will receive some plastic surgery to fix her face that was brutalized during the fight.


Rousey skipped the post-fight interview and the post-fight press conference because of her injuries, and maybe because of her broken ego. Rousey was the clear-cut favorite, a 20-1 favorite heading into UFC 193, and her defeat is the biggest upset in the history of the UFC.

Meanwhile Holm now holds the bantamweight title.

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