Based On This Staredown There’s A 100% Chance Ronda Rousey Destroys Holly Holm At UFC 193 Saturday Night


I lied, I lied, I fucking lied. UFC193 culminated with Ronda Rousey getting KO’d by a Holly Holm kick to the dome and I don’t know if anything will ever be right again. The queen is dead. There’s a new champ in town. Her name is Holly Holm, and evidently I suck at probability.

On Thursday evening, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm got together for the traditional staredown ahead of their UFC 193 matchup in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday night.

I’m sorry, but if you even think Holly Holm stands a chance, think again, because Ronda Rousey is straight-up eye of the tiger here. Murder flickering in her eyes. Doesn’t even think about blinking. All business, and not trying to be, but definitely looking incredibly sexy with that “Bitch what?” face. 100% chance she destroys Holly Holm come fight night, not even a question.

Holly Holm even smiled as the two parted ways and turned for the cameras, but no, no, no Ronda Rousey wouldn’t dream of that. You don’t smile before you’re about to beat someone within an inch of their life. Common knowledge.

UFC 193’s main event card is slated to kick off at 10pm EST Saturday night.

[via MMA Fighting]