Ronda Rousey Apparently Likes To Just Walk Around The House Naked, So There’s A Mental Image For You


Buffalo David Bitton

Well, here’s a morning pick-me-up for you. According to Ronda Rousey’s former roommate, two-time Olympic judo gold medalist Kayla Harrison, Ronda likes to just walk around the house, doing whatever, while naked.

“She would just be sitting at the counter, eating, butt naked,” Harrison tells Sports Illustrated.

I guess that sort of explains why Rousey had no problem taking her top off for that really cool photo shoot for Buffalo David Bitton we shared with you awhile back.

It also might explain why there are apparently some nude photos of Rousey floating around out there… somewhere.

Annnd, it ALSO could explain why Rousey seemed so comfortable wearing nothing but bodypaint for the SI Swimsuit Issue this year.

So, yeah, uh, when is UFC 207 taking place again? December 30th? Okay, cool.