Celebrate 28 Years Of The Royal Rumble By Trying — And Probably Failing — To Name These 28 Wrestlers Who Appeared In The Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday! Act excited!

Fine, I’ll admit, WWE events have lost there luster over the years. Maybe it’s because we’re all too damn old to watch grown men wrestle? Maybe it’s the stagnant storylines? Maybe it’s because we read too many dirt sheets? Maybe we just all expect too damn much!

Whatever the reason, the WWE PPVs have lost a little of the sizzle they had when we were younger. Maybe it’s because every WWE Superstar these days looks pretty much the same — tan, yoked and tatted. It’s hard to tell the difference between more than a few of them. For example, I always get Randy Orton and Mark Henry confused. Anyway, what the WWE needs are more characters. Bring back the cowboys, dentists and Indian chiefs that made the WWE great. Alright, maybe not those specific characters but let’s start giving these guys an identity again!

In honor of this weekend’s big event, I went back through the archives of the WWE to find some of the more obscure wrestlers to appear in the Royal Rumble match. Here are 27 men (and one tough woman) even hardcore WWF/WWE fans will have a hard time naming. Can you get them all?

You can’t, trust me.

Think you nailed it? Click here for all the answers.

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