Gamers React Hilariously To Rudy Gobert’s Injury Status Being Updated On NBA 2K To Reflect His Positive Coronavirus Test

Someone on NBA 2K hilariously updated Rudy Gobert's injury status to reflect coronavirus

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Rudy Gobert’s positive test for the coronavirus singlehandedly shutdown the NBA season for at least 30 days. That may be harsh to say, but, sorry, it’s the truth. While the Utah Jazz All-Star was the unfortunate scapegoat given the severity and worries of COVID-19, he sort of brought it on himself just days before the decision to suspend the season was made, when he was seen goofing around in a press conference by touching every microphone and recorder on the table in front of him. Ah, yes, that’s the lasting image many have here.

While people like Charles Barkley have come to Gobert’s defense — claiming that that type of playful joking is what’s best about being an NBA player — there are still plenty of people pissed off at the big man’s actions; including his own teammates. Given the anxiety in the world right now about coronavirus, it’s not a good look joking about stuff. Rudy Gobert learned that the hard way, which is why he issued an apology.

Fast-forward to how gamers on NBA 2K are taking the news of Gobert’s positive coronavirus test and, well, let’s just say they’re having some fun with it. That’s because someone made an update to the player’s injury status by reflecting the pandemic.

Man, some people are lethal AF, aren’t they? Of course, that led pretty much every gamer who plays NBA 2K to add their own jokes to the hilarious update, with some of the reactions and commentary below.

You either feel really bad for Rudy Gobert right now, or you have no sympathy at all for him and just want to pile on shame after he impacted the sports world like he did. The guy clearly feels awful, so here’s to him learning from all of this, recovering from the coronavirus and getting back to balling out on the court once the NBA season is back in action.

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