This Rugby Hottie Who Broke Her Nose Then Made The Tackle Could Kick My Ass

There is tough, then there is rugby tough. Lindenwood Women's player breaks her nose and stays on the field to make a try saving tackle. Tag a teammate in the comments who needs to see this! #respect #rugbytough

Posted by USA Sevens Rugby on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ya, she’d kick my ass. Ring the bell. No doubt I’m stronger than her in the weight room (bench 225 till you say stop) but I can’t hold a candle to that toughness and tenacity. I think I can speak for anyone with a nose when I say getting hit in it is the fucking worst. Not only does it feel like your face is going to explode, but the uncontrollable tears deem you out of commission for at least a good eight minutes. That tingling, that horrible fucking tingling. The fact that this chick didn’t roll up into the fetal position and wait to be carted off the field like I would have, is nothing short of admirable. And then make a textbook tackle like you read about? I got a spot open on my flag football team with her name written all over it.

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