Rugby Player Goes BACK INTO THE GAME After Bone Pokes Through The Skin Of His Broken Finger

Rugby Player David Gower Breaks Finger

YouTube - NZAUTV Rugby League

Today we present Exhibit 12,937 as to why professional rugby players are legitimately batshit insane people.

Rugby player David Gower of the Parramatta Eels of the NRL was playing in a recent game versus… never mind, it doesn’t matter who he was playing against. Dude broke his finger, no, dude suffered a compound fracture to his finger while making a tackle.

Compound fracture (definiton): An injury in which a broken bone pierces the skin, causing a risk of infection.

Naturally, once breaking the finger and seeing the bone, Gower went to the sidelines for some medical attention. He then immediately finished the game because CRAZY!!

H/T The Big Lead

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