Rugby Player LITERALLY Runs Through Brick Wall To Get Pro Contract

When we last checked “Rugby Players Are The Toughest MF’ers On The Planet” news, some rugby player had his teeth knocked out and had them replaced with a metal bottle-opener. Now a new rugby beast is here to captivate our hearts and souls with his over-the-top machismo.

Meet David Andjelz, an amateur rugby player who is looking to break into the National Rugby League. He has sent teams his highlight tapes for consideration and he has even shown his commitment to the game by running through a brick wall for a professional contract. LITERALLY!

“All these people lifting weights,” Andjelz says. “What’s that got to do with the footy field? Yeah, it makes you better physically, but it’s what’s [in the heart] that counts.”

In the Facebook video, that already has more than 200,000 views, he takes a hand-off (a brick) then smashes through a brick wall.


Posted by David Andjelz on Sunday, May 3, 2015

I wouldn’t run through a wall of PBJ sandwiches for fear of getting peanut butter in my eye or tripping on a slice of bread. Did you see that the top layers of rock-hard brick were taken out by his fucking chin?

This is the part when some idiot commenter who’s never played a sport other than kickball says, “Yeah, but that wall wasn’t solid, so it’s not a big deal, he’s a .” Listen, when you sprint into a wall of bricks wearing a tank top and no helmet, then and only then can you question this dude’s toughness. Now if you want to question this guy’s sanity, please by all means go ahead. This guy is a fucking wackjob.


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