Play Was Suspended During A Rugby Friendly Between Italy And USA After Two Players Knocked Each Other Out

What many viewers don’t understand about rugby is that there’s an inherent sophistication to the madness. Players aren’t just charging down the field trying to bite their opponents dick off and coat the entire pitch in a fine mist of the other team’s blood. With the field populated by fast-moving masses of muscle and anger, players must exercise control when going into contact because, otherwise, this happens:

RIP. Well, thankfully, we don’t have to say RIP, because both players recovered. However, one time in college I was playing rugby in a summer league and saw this same situation happen. One of the dude’s did not get up. It’s skills like this that, to me, makes rugby so entertaining and definitely worth checking out in a month or so when they hit the Olympics. Especially if Team USA is already willing to literally knock themselves out to recover the ball. (This game actually was held a month ago, but the video just started making rounds on Monday). You can’t win gold medals if you’re not willing to lose consciousness in the pursuit of athletic immortality.

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