Russell Westbrook’s Post-Game Outfit Last Night Looked Like He Got Attacked By A Grizzly Bear, Internet Weighs In

russell westbrook

Now I’m far from the authority on trendy fashion (works cited: I still wear jean cargo shorts) and I know Russell Westbrook is the NBA’s fashionista, but I am genuinely perplexed by the outfit he wore the the post-game podium after getting a spanking from the Warriors in Game 2 of the West finals.

For a dude whose received an $80 million contract, Russ spoke to the press last night looking like he got attacked by a pack of barracudas. Westbrook is pulling in upwards of $5 million in endorsements alone and he wore my jizz rag on national television. I’ve flipped my undies inside out when I’m outta fresh ones, but I’ve never resorted to wearing a shirt more ripped than me after a grav bong. I don’t know, maybe it’s cool in Europe? Don’t get me wrong, Russell pulls off the jizz rag top with the best of ’em. People would hand you and I change on the street if we tried rocking this.

It’s all in the strut.

NBA commentators were equally as baffled.

Russell may one of the only people on the planet who can dress like a high school sociopath and still look fresh as fuck.

[h/t Complex]