Russell Westbrook Just Signed The Biggest Contract In NBA History. On Kevin Durant’s Birthday.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook just signed a five-year, $205 million extension with the Thunder, the richest contract in NBA history. The 28-year-old reigning MVP is now the highest paid player in the NBA, pulling in a sultry $38.3 million a season. For those of you who are looking to feel bad about your current salary, Russ’ contract equates to $569,512 (pre-taxes) per game in the last year of his new deal. Holy hell.

Who would have ever thought that the player who signed the largest contract in NBA history is on the same team as Carmelo Anthony? God damn you 2017, what surprises are you going to throw my way next?

Oh ya, and Westbrook signed the record-breaking contract onΒ Kevin Durant’s 29th birthday. Coincidence? Probably I THINK NOT! But even if it is, you think Twitter is going to take the high road. LOLZ….

This season is going to be electric.

[h/t For The Win]