The NBA Is Investigating If Russell Westbrook Should Be Suspended For Leaving Bench During On-Court Altercation In Game 4

In the fourth quarter of last night’s heated game 4 of the Thunder-Jazz series, Raymond Felton and Rudy Gobert were involved in an on-court altercation. During the altercation, Westbrook who was set to check in the game then proceeded to get into Gobert’s face.

According to Andy Larkin of KSL, the NBA is reviewing whether Westbrook should be suspended for violating their strict rule against players leaving the bench during on-court altercations.

A pool reporter request to the game officials to ask them about the play was initiated, but the NBA indicated that the officials wouldn’t comment on the matter because it would be reviewed by the league’s disciplinary committee.

Update: Upon reviewing the video a few times it’s unclear whether Westbrook was checked in or not. It’s really tough to tell with all the confusion on the court. I don’t think he should be suspended because the lack of clarity from the ref.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk