Russell Westbrook Would Rather Be A Dick To Reporters Than Make The Playoffs

by 5 years ago

Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has made no secret about his his disdain for the media. There have been numerous episodes this season to prove he does not enjoy interacting with them.

Westbrook continued his contentious relationship last night when a reporter had the audacity to ask if he was a Spurs fan.

You see, the Thunder need to win tomorrow night and have the Spurs beat New Orleans in order to make the playoffs.

Westbrook’s response?


Westbrook then informed the poor dude that he didn’t have to root for anyone and belittled his question.

Great work. Real mature stuff.

It’d be great for the Thunder to take care of their part of the equation tomorrow but have the Spurs lose. That way Westbrook wouldn’t have to examine the standings or spend three minutes a day answering questions for months because his season will be over.

I’m fully aware I’m in the minority here because I don’t find this type of stuff appealing. Between this and Marshawn Lynch I guess I’m guilty of being the cranky old dude with outdated takes.

But is it really that hard to not be an asshole?

[H/T: CJZero]

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