Russell Westbrook Rips Into Patrick Beverley ‘He Don’t Guard Nobody, He’s Just Running Around Doing Nothing’

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Russell Westbrook has never been a fan of Patrick Beverley. For years, Westbrook has taken exception to Beverley’s annoying defensive style that irritates his opponents.

On Wednesday night, James Harden went off and scored 47 points as the Houston Rockets beat the LA Clippers 102-93 and after the game, Westbrook mocked Beverley’s reputation as a defender.

Pat Bev trick y’all man, like he play defense. He don’t guard nobody man. He just running around doing nothing..As you seen what happened 47. All that commotion and
James Harden got 47.”.”

James Harden was a bit nicer than Westbrook when talking about Beverley.

Beverley chose not to respond to Westbrook’s trash talk.

Hopefully these two teams meet in the playoffs just so Westbrook and Beverley can go at it for several games.

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