Thanks To Google, Russell Wilson Learned How To Compliment His Hot Girlfriend Ciara

by 3 years ago


Living in Seattle, we often use the phrase, “In Russ We Trust” while watching Seahawks games because, no matter what the score is or how badly the Hawks are playing, quarterback Russell Wilson always seems to inspire his teammates to stage a comeback—which he showed against the Carolina Panthers during this year’s divisional playoff game.

After seeing a couple of Wilson’s WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) posts from yesterday, the signal-caller might want to start using the phrase “In Google I Trust,” because he just got busted while trying to give his girlfriend Ciara a compliment.

Here’s what Wilson posted to his Twitter, describing his lady so elegantly:

But wait, don’t give him that much credit because, turns out, ol’ boy actually GOOGLED the term “describing a beautiful woman” and totally got called out by someone on Twitter for it.

Props to Russ for landing Ciara, but, dude, why in the fuck would you just take the first result on the search engine and use it for millions of people to see?

Oh, and he did it again on Instagram, too, using another result for the same search to give his lady a compliment.


OK, so Russell Wilson is good at football and has a Super Bowl ring on his finger, but if he wants to lock up the sexy Ciara and get that other kind of ring, he might want to up his off-the-field game. SMH.

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