Russell Wilson Gives Himself Nickname ‘Mr. Unlimited’ In Video More Painful Than Passing On The Goal Line


Top 3 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Videos Of 2020:

I Take Responsibility featuring Aaron Paul, Jessica Chastain, Justin Theroux and others

Imagine, featuring Gal Gadot, Jimmy Kimmel, Will Ferrell Unfortunately, and Ramen Noodle Head


It is with great cringe that I must add this new entry to the list:

Mr. Unlimited, featuring Russell Wilson 

Russell Wilson is paradoxical because he’s impossible to hate while also being impossible to love. He’s like an orange Starburst.

Granted, there is a ceiling to how much a man can respect another man who once considered himself a born-again virgin, but for a second I thought Russell was making a bid to win me over with the universally loved mechanism of self-deprecation (“Hey guys, Russell Wilson here. Yes, the typical boring Russell.” Common ground!). But instead, *Dennis Green voice* HE IS WHO I THOUGHT HE WAS.

Russell Wilson seems like the kind of guy who leaves positive Yelp reviews, wears cologne to practice, and says things like “yummers” unironically.


I almost feel bad for shit-talking him because I know if I met him, his corniness would be endearing and I’d consider him a friend. Which is another one of Russell’s irritating qualities: the dude won’t even let me hate him guilt-free.

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