Russell Wilson Admits How Many Times He’s Watched Super Bowl INT And We’ll Say It’s A Bit Too Much

Athletes will constantly relive their failures on the field. I’ll bet that athletes think about their failures much more often than their successes.

Take Russell Wilson as an example — the guy is 26, has only been in the league about five years, and already won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks. He probably thinks about his Super Bowl win once a week. He probably relives his last minute interception in last year’s Super Bowl about a billion times a day. I know, it’s much fresher in the mind, but I’ve got a feeling he’ll be reliving that moment in his head for years or at least until he wins another Super Bowl.

Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel on HBO did a profile of Wilson for an upcoming episode. Wilson talked about his chances of actually playing major league baseball one day and the heartbreaking Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots.

In the interview, Bryant Gumbel straight-up asked Wilson how many times he’s watched the footage of that last minute mistake. Wilson was probably honest in his answer but also probably undershot the estimate by a large number.

Damn, Bryant. Making Wilson watch the play is just straight-old stone cold. Ya dick.

If Wilson is claiming 100 it’s probably closer to 200 views. Keep in mind, the Super Bowl was just a little over two months ago. That’s an average of more than one viewing per day. It will either motivate Wilson or drive him insane. Fans and foes won’t find out until this season.

[via HBO]