Watch An Entire Women’s Basketball Team Forget Which Basket Is Theirs And Score On The Wrong One

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My friend Tony scored his only basket of our school’s traveling team season on his own basket. We were in seventh grade. He celebrated down the court before being told that he’s a fucking idiot. Two decades later, a month doesn’t pass where he isn’t reminded of scoring -2 points that season. I’ve even told the tale to my college friends, most of whom he’s never met, and he’s become a bit of a legend in those circles. He’s been dubbed Two Points Tony.

But that was seventh grade. We were still wearing sweatpants to school and trading snack packs for bananas at lunch.

Well, misery loves company and Tony will be happy to hear that his same blunder was duplicated by the entire FIBA U19 Russian Women’s team at the World Cup against Spain.

The referee is part to blame for handing the ball to the wrong team, and after Russia passed half court, it should have been a backcourt violation, which was never called.

In any event, Russia won the game regardless (77-58), but this viral highlight can’t be good for the confidence going forward.

P.S. Lucky for Russia, this didn’t happen in Colombia where they legit kill people for scoring on the wrong goal.

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