Russian Amateur Hockey Player Takes A Stick To A Referee In Brutal Attack After Penalty, Video Captured On Refs GoPro

by 2 years ago

Via PuckDaddy:

Referee Nikita Tikhonov called a 10-minute penalty and was met with quite the disagreement from one specific player of the offending team. After not taking advice to calm down, the player then proceeded to swing his stick and hit the ref in the head and later deliver a punch while still arguing. The entire incident was all captured on the GoPro camera attached to Tikhonov’s helmet.

I’ve had the pleasure of never visiting Russia but I do know that all of its citizens are required by law to have personal cameras filming their every move. I don’t know if Putin’s got some 1984 George Orwell shit going on but this claim is only strengthened by how much Russia porn there is on PornHub. Stop pretending like you don’t know what I’m talking about. The dudes are always in some drab ass room with no sheets on the bed, always in sneaky good shape for no reason at all, and all of them sport that mohawk into mullet hairstyle that makes me prejudice. Now I don’t know if Russia’s transparency is the reason why they’ve edged out Florida as the world’s Drunk Uncle, but what I do know is that a little part of me would die if they ever got their shit together.

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