Russian Strongman Begins Bleeding Uncontrollably From Nose Under Stress Of 963-Pound Deadlift


There’s no way to confirm this, but I’d venture to guess that there are very few of you reading this who have exerted so much energy at a given task that your inner juices began to flood out. Maybe a quarter inch stain on your undies, but nothing that resembles what Russian strongman Mikhail Shivlyakov went through at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival this weekend in Colombus, Ohio.

The former Russian Marine sailor and former Arnold Amateur Strongman winner was attempting a 963-pound deadlift when the strain of the lift became so forceful that his nose began uncontrollably spewing blood. Regardless, the 37-year-old was somehow able to complete the lift.

One would think that Shivlyakov’s valiant effort of completion of the 963-pound lift would be enough to win the competition. Well, it would have if Thor Bjornsson aka “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones hadn’t entered the competition.

The 6’9″, 386-pound Mountain completed a world-record 1,041-pound deadllift.

The Mountain has now added an Arnold Strongman Classic title to his illustrious list of lifting achievements. The Icelander has won Europe’s Strongest Man, Iceland’s Strongest Man and Iceland’s Strongest Viking multiple times. He will not be satisfied until he secures the elusive World’s Strongest Man title, a competition he has three runner-ups and three third place finishes in.

[h/t NY Post]

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