Ryan Clark Says There’s One Reason Why Antonio Brown Will Truly Never Play In The NFL Again

WATCH: Ryan Clark Discusses Antonio Brown Meltdown on 'Get Up'

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Unsurprisingly, former Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver Antonio Brown has been dominating the Monday morning headings, as everyone from Bruce Arians to Tom Brady, from Terrell Owens to Tony Dungy has weighed in on AB’s meltdown against the New York Jets, which saw him take off his shirt and storm off the field in the middle of the third quarter.

ESPN, of course, has had their fair share of pundits weigh in on Brown’s outburst, with Rex Ryan, Dan Orlovsky, and Ryan Clark all discussing their opinions of the situation on this morning’s episode of Get Up.

Clark, who played with Antonio Brown in the early days of his career when they were both on the Pittsburgh Steelers, went into the most detail, stating that he believes Brown — who has gotten seemingly endless second and third chances to right his career and life over the last few years — has truly played his last snap in the NFL because this time he’s done something he’s never done before: stop competing (even though I’d argue manufacturing drama about his helmet to try ad to get himself traded from the then-Oakland Raiders also qualifies as not competing, but that’s neither here nor there).

“Now, with the way that we’ve moved forward with mental health awareness, we understand that there are some underlying things here [with Antonio Brown]. We understand that more could be at play when it comes to Antonio Brown,” Clark began.

“Here’s the thing I will speak to: the one thing about the NFL is if you have an elite-level competitive trait, the NFL will find ways to forgive you. That trait for Antonio Brow was unquestioned,” Clark said. “The fact that he’d work as anyone, the fact that he’d compete as hard as anyone, the fact that when it was time to be on the grass, he gave you the best opportunity to win. This decision, this action, has taken that away from Antonio Brown.

“Antonio Brown will no longer compete, no matter what. … When you do this, no one wants you to be around,” Clark concluded.

Given that the Bucs, who truly seemed like the last team willing to give Brown a chance, are now done with him, it’s hard to imagine him resurfacing with another NFL team. Perhaps AB transitions to celebrity boxing in the coming months and fights Jake Paul.

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