Glorious, Mustachioed Hockey Player Ryan Hollweg Performs ‘Free Fallin” After Game, Is A Real-Life Guitar Hero

Unless you pay attention to Czech professional hockey, there probably aren’t too many of you out there who know who Ryan Hollweg is.

A former NHL and U.S. junior league player, Hollweg has played overseas since 2012, suiting up as a left-winger for HC Plzen since then.

Based off the stats I’ve seen on him, it doesn’t appear as if Hollweg is doing much to really stand out, scoring just six total goals and assisting on three more in his time with the squad.

He found an alternative way to gain attention after a recent game, though, trading his hockey stick for a guitar and absolutely shredding it to Tom Petty’s classic rock song, “Free Fallin'” for an entire arena to rock the fuck out to.

Hollweg might not be the next Jimi Hendrix with a guitar in his hands, but he was able to put on quite the show by belting out the chorus and getting an applause to a packed arena—which is more success than some real musicians can claim.

Plus, that mustache is on fucking point, so Hollweg is winning in so many ways with this.

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