Ryan Reaves Blows Kisses At The Stars’ Bench After Trying To Put Dallas Stars’ Curtis McKenzie In A Body Cast

Remember that guy? For those of you who only know that guy as “hockey bro who yanked his own teeth out after getting hit in the face”, his name is Ryan Reaves and he is best known for the being one of the angrier enforcers on the St. Louis Blues. Personally, I thought Reaves was peaking when he was giving himself a root canal on the bench. But it seems I was dead wrong because last night during Game 3, he knocked the shit out of Dallas Stars’ player Curtis McKenzie and then followed up by blowing kisses at the Stars’ bench.

Did you catch that kiss at the end? Well, here it is again.

I’d argue this is the new running man.

Man, I love the concept of hockey enforcers. I played in the NHL and had a known enforcer on my team, I would purposely set myself to be hurt as often as possible just so I could get a front row seat to see the enforcer knock some dudes out. Also, there really isn’t anything like hockey smack talk. You have two guys beating the piss out of each other one moment and then threatening each other with kisses the next. Variety like that isn’t found too often in the sports world. I’m mostly happy here because, now that some of the toughest dudes in sports are blowing kisses at each other, we all should be able to soon. Whoever thought that the NHL would be ground zero for a masculinity revolution? Not me. But I’m excited. If we have hockey players blowing kisses, I can only imagine what’s next. UFC fighters writing love poems and football players actually meeting a girl’s parents before filling her body with an illegitimate child. Whatever happens, I’m cool with. The more open to their feelings these guys get, the tougher guys like me are apt to look.