Saints Fans Are Very Hyped About Update On Alvin Kamara’s Looming Suspension

Saints Fans Hyped About Alvin Kamara’s Update On Looming Suspension

Getty Image / Todd Kirkland

The upcoming NFL season is right around the corner and many are left pondering what’s going on with Alvin Kamara. The New Orleans Saints running back was arrested for assault during the Pro Bowl weekend but the league has yet to determine a punishment. Things get a little bit cleared up, as it sounds like Alvin Kamara may avoid suspension in the 2022 season.

Alvin Kamara Has No Suspension In Place For The 2022 Season

Adam Schefter reports that it is becoming “more and more unlikely” that Kamara will face any suspension. Even so, he does make sure to add that a potential punishment could still come to fruition down the road. His court dates have been pushed back multiple times. For that reason, the Saints star may dodge any suspension.

It’s an odd situation, as this would work out great for this franchise in 2022. New Orleans would get Alvin Kamara in the backfield once again without worry of him missing any games. On the other hand, the Saints star committed a rather serious crime where he left the victim with a “serious bodily injury.”

For that reason, a suspension is likely and according to USA Today, “and Kamara is expected to miss six games.” Even so, it sounds like a six-game suspension is more likely to happen in 2023 because, “if things keep moving two months at a time, odds are Kamara’s won’t see anything from the league office during this season.”

Saints Fans React To The Alvin Kamara Suspension Update

Saints fans couldn’t help but share their reactions to this information. They took to Twitter to show their excitement for their favorite franchise.

We’ll see how it all plays out as there is still plenty of time for the NFL to make a move. Keep an eye on Alvin Kamara and the Saints, as the star running back hopes to avoid suspension in the 2022 season.

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