Saints’ Marshon Lattimore Intercepts The Ball With His Butt

by 6 months ago

We’ve had several butt related incidents in the NFL throughout the years. Most notably, Mark Sanzhez’s infamous butt fumble during the Jets-Patriots Thanksgiving day game in 2012.


Sanchez opens to his left, and fullback Lex Hilliard, who is supposed to get the handoff, flashes by on his right. Sanchez’s momentum carries him 5 yards into the backfield, where he pivots in his black throwback high-top cleats and begins blindly sprinting toward the chaos at the line of scrimmage. With each step, a perfect storm begins to form — of characters, setting, audience, nomenclature and the burgeoning power of social media — that will produce a blunder of such magnitude that it would survive the ultimate benchmark for the greatest bloopers in sports: the test of time.

“It all went wrong when Sanchez turned the wrong way,” Ryan says. “That was the first indication that it was going to be a bad play. But we had no idea it was going to be a disaster.”

In mere seconds, the history of the Jets cleaves into two distinct eras: everything Before the Butt Fumble (BBF) and everything after (ABF).

On Sunday, Saints’ Marshon Lattimore used his butt to pick up an interception for his team during today’s Saints-Panthers game. Watch as the ball perfectly lands on Lattimore’s butt and stays there for several seconds before he can grab it for the interception.

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