Turkish Soccer Player Boldly Declares The Ref Sent Off With His Own Red Card

During a recent Turkish soccer match, Trabzonspor defender Salih Dursun anointed himself the Kenny Powers of world soccer when he decided he had the vested authority to tell the referee something to the effect of “I’m fuckin’ in, you’re fuckin’ out!”

After what Dursun evidently thought was a terrible call to award a penalty kick to rival Galatasaray following a takedown in the box, he and his Trabzonspor teammates surrounded the ref and did what every soccer player ever does when a foul is called: hounded him to absolutely no avail.

So dissatisfied with the referee display he’d seen, Dursun snatched the ref’s red card after another teammate knocked it to the ground, and proudly raised it above his head, motioning for the official to see himself off the pitch. Masterful work.

Clearly, it didn’t work as you see Dursun stomp off the pitch in anger, and tragically for him and his teammates, that call was the difference in a 2-1 win for Galatasaray in the Süper Lig match-up.

Still though, the move is worthy of so much applause because it was downright fantastic.

[h/t Deadspin]